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The prosecution arm of the District Attorney's office is divided into seven criminal court teams. Four of the teams are named for the judge in whose courtroom they are assigned. These teams are:

Felony Drugs | Major Crimes | Misdemeanors | Vehicular Crimes

The remaining three teams are specialized. These teams are:

Juvenile | Special Case Unit (SCU) | Appeals

Each Team is lead by a Senior Deputy Prosecutor, and consists of at least one Trial Deputy Prosecutor, Case Manager, Victim/Witness Coordinator, and Unit Secretary. Team Juvenile handles cases where minors are charged with a crime. Team SCU is assigned in cases where children are the alleged victims. Team Appeals handles Appellate and Post Conviction matters.

In addition to the Trial Teams, Executive Prosecutors conduct both major prosecutions and administrative duties associated with the Trial Teams.

Each Team works hand in hand with law enforcement, fielding calls on a round the clock basis. Prosecutors assist law enforcement with questions regarding charging of offenses, evidence collection and investigation. Victim/Witness Coordinators seek sentencing opinions from crime victims and keep the advised of the case progress. Case Managers insure flow of a case and Unit Secretaries generate the paperwork necessary to a successful prosecution. All members of victims and witnesses team work together to provide the best possible criminal case to a Judge or jury.

Administration is charged with support for the teams in matters such as staff employment, training, work flow design, budget, and physical resources. Detectives provide trial team support as well as specialized law enforcement resources for York County's police departments.

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