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Pennsylvania PRECIOUS METALS ACT formally known as PA Title 37 Chapter 501, Purchase and Sale of Precious
Metals regulates the licensing and reporting procedures for all dealers in precious metals.

Definitions associated with this act include:

Dealer in precious metals - An individual, partnership, association, corporation or business entity, who or which purchases precious metals from the general public for resale or refining or an individual who acts as agent for the individual, partnership, association, corporation or business entity for the purchases. The term does not include financial institutions licensed under Federal or State banking laws, the purchaser of precious metals who purchases from a seller seeking a trade-in or allowance, the manufacturers of jewelry or of other items composed, in whole or in part, of gold, silver or platinum and the purchaser of precious metals for his own use or ownership and not for resale or refining.

Precious metals - Items containing or being of gold, silver or platinum, including, but not limited to, jewelry and silver services. The term does not include coins, ingots, bullion or photographic film or articles containing less than 5% of gold, silver or platinum by weight.

By law, Dealers in precious metals must deliver or mail a copy of every record or transaction to the district attorney of the county in which a purchase of precious metals is made by the close of the next working day after the day on which the metal is purchased. In addition, each item of precious metal purchased by a dealer in precious metals shall be retained in unaltered condition for 5 full working days after report of its purchase has been filed with the proper district attorney or his designee.

The York County District Attorney’s Office, has recognized the inconvenience and expense that reporting transactions within 24 hours may cause our Precious Metal Dealers. Precious Metal Dealers may now report every transaction via the internet on a Web based system. This system enables dealers to input all the information required by the Precious Metals Act. It also enables dealers to include digital photographs of the actual items purchased. They merely need to register as a user after acquiring a Precious Metals Dealer’s License from the York County Sheriff’s Office. These timely records of dealer transactions are available on line to law enforcement officials, other governmental entities and persons who, in the opinion of the York County District Attorney’s Office, should be permitted access, such as an insurance company.

Register as a Precious Metal Dealer here:

York Co. D.A. Property Tracking

The York Co. D.A. Property Tracking website was designed to also accommodate all Pawn shops, scrap metal dealers and others in the business of buying used property, regardless of the type of property or the value.

If you have any questions concerning the York Co. D.A. Property Tracking program, please email: Preciousmetals@yorkcountypa.gov or call us @ 717.771.9600

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